How To: Make a LAN Server

How To: Make a LAN Server

First How To made by another user, Yann Cluchey

Basic info writen by Yann:
When creating a server, it needs to have an IP address and a port. The IP address should be the IP address of the machine it's running on. If you don't know your IP address, right click on network neighborhood and choose properties. Then look at the properties of your TCP/IP dial-up adapter. The port can be whatever you want. Note: To have multiple zones you need a second server running. Although the port does not matter, there must be a difference of no less than 10 between them.

Step One:
Making the basic files
First you will need to set up most of the stuff like a regular zone. If you don't know how, go to the How To: Make a Zone page.

Step Two:
Editing the Server.ini
OK. In the server.ini file, in the [Misc] section, you need to set the port equal to the Port of your server. In my case, 1010. You also need to set the DefaultLevelFile equal to the name of the level (must be in the server directory). In my case mylevel.lvl.

Step Three:
More editing
Next, in the [Password] section, it is handy to set the passwords to something rememberable. I just set the sysop password to 'sysoppass'. Being sysop allows you to edit the game settings while in the game, as well as kick users etc.. When entering the game, enter your name as sysop and password as *sysoppass. Note: You need to add the * before. When in the game, you can press ESC and C to edit stuff.

Step Four:

Next, in the [Billing] section, you need to set the IP equal to the IP address of the machine the server will be running on. In my case: It's also helpful to set a billing password. The ServerName should be set to what you want the server to be called. (This is what would appear in the servers list. Eg. "VIE Alpha whatever"). The Port should MUST be set to 900. Despite the port your server is on. (It's a good idea for your server not to be on that port). You should set the ServerID and the ScoreID to the port of your server. Eg. 1010.
Step Five:
It keeps going on like this..
Finally, in the [Directory] section you need to change the description to something. This is what the user sees when they click on a server in the list. The IP and the Port in this section should be left alone as they refer to the IP and Port of the server which lists all the servers. Namely But with a lan server, this isn't relevent.

Step Six:
To run the zone
Your server is now ready to be run. Run subgame.exe with parameter /nb. IE: subgame /nb. This'll boot the server. (To close it, press Shift + F12 or Ctrl + C). Now, your server should work. If not, contact me. {Me as in Yann or Mine GO BOOM -Insert}

Step Seven:
Getting SubSpac to open it
The next thing you need to do is to have it in the list of servers of the game. This should be done for all of the machines which want to access this server (even the server machine itself).
In the subspace directory is the file: Favourite.lst. This contains server information which gets displayed in the server list. When you click on File | Find Servers in subspace, it'll contact and download the list of all servers, with descriptions etc.. So if you have an internet server, you would register yourself with them to have your server name available on their list. Then, you would select servers and add to favourites. This information being saved in favourite.lst.
However, as this is just a lan server, which isn't registered with sscentral (and doens't need to be), you'll have to modify this list manually. If you open this file, it should look like this:
Alpha Zone,,2000
#The Alpha zone!! Have fun!
Star Wars,,2010
#Star Wars - USA server
It's in the format:
So, just add your own.
Add the name of your server Eg. MyLanServer. Then a comma. Then the IP of the server machine Eg. 192,168.0.2. Then a comma. Then the port of the server. Eg. 1010. Then a new line. Then a #. Then the description.
Mine looks like this:
#This is my Lan server blah blah blah
As I have multiple zones (multiple servers), I have this:
The [Billing]:ServerName and [Directory]:Description information in the server.ini file aren't used as this information can only be retrieved via a directory server.

Step Eight:
Extra Info!
If someone tries to enter the zone, but it says they do not have the latest version even though they do, you need to make sure that the version is 1.34 AND the version in the server directory is also v1.34.

Step Nine:
If wanting another

When making another server or zone, you just need to copy that same directory and change the relevent port references etc.. It is not necessary to have another copy of the billing server as well. I myself did not use the billing server. It works fine without.