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    server.zip1,281 is all the stuff you will need to start your own server. This file has all the newest patches upto 1.34.14 as of now. To see what to do with all the stuff in here, click here. (Includes fixed subbill.exe and continuum .38, and Y2K10 bug fixed)
    subgame14.zip204 kThis is 1.34.14 subgame, with the fix.dll and subgame2.exe.
    lvztoolkit.zip212 kCollection of .lvz programs and documentation about the programs and/or the .lvz's itself. Useful for both zone sysops to create .lvz's or for programmers to develope their own .lvz editor.
    asss.tar.gz1,550 kLinux binaries for ASSS, a beta server software written by Grelminar.
    contupgrade.zip279 kTo upgrade a working 1.34.12 subgame from .36 continuum to .37.
    subbill.zip49 kFixed subbill v.23.
    dirserver.zip41 kPublic Directory Server software v.3, created by Priitk.
    userguide.dvi110 kUserguide for ASSS, by Grelminar (dvi format)
    userguide.html104 kUserguide for ASSS, by Grelminar (html format)
    userguide.pdf169 kUserguide for ASSS, by Grelminar (pdf format)
    userguide.ps225 kUserguide for ASSS, by Grelminar (ps format)
    userguide.txt84 kUserguide for ASSS, by Grelminar (txt format)
    ssbmp.zip1.72 megAll bmp's that Continuum uses.
    sssound.zip1.69 megAll wav's that Continuum uses.
    datextrators.zip92 kIncludes a replacement ScoreMan Dat Viewer and two methods of extracting .dat files from billing servers into text/html. Created by Lord Maucaub.
    ssproxy.zip22 kThis is SS Proxy v2.0 created by Grelminar. This updates the older proxy by using less CPU usage (10% or less) than older one (100% sometimes).
    scrfiles.zip62 kTwo programs to work with .scr files. One program made by divine.216 (with source) to convert .scr to and from .txt format. Another from Justin Schoonover (without source) that will convert .scr to and from ,dat files, for use with scoreman.
    FACTS (link to website)---This is a link to FACTS website. FACTS is a new map editing assister and settings helper. This program lets you convert bmp to or from lvl, and .set files with .cfg files.
    Catid-DDirServ.zip112 kCatid's custom made directory server program. His description: DDirServ uses a new network engine and all my knowledge of the directory system to both mirror and host a complete list of SubSpace servers. It improves on PriitK's DirServer 0.3 by pinging incoming servers to validate them, while download time decreases two-fold on 56k connections. Statistics files are generated on customizable intervals, and so on.
    Catid-subbill.zip222 kCatid's custom made subbill program. His description: SSBiller2 is a server that has been growing in popularity lately. It encapsulates all the functionality of an SSC server, but also offers a few more features that work in conjunction with subgame to protect zones from hackers and cheaters.
    cfgchecker.zip201 kA good program that will check your .cfg file for bad mistakes that will cause false sysop warnings, ?status kickouts, or just plain crashing. Made by Louis XV
    zlib.dll38 kThe zlib.dll file if subgame asks for it.
    commands.txt4 kThis text file is a print out copy that you can print out and use. To see the html format of this, click here.
    commands.hlp14 kSave this file to your continuum folder, and your F1 help screen in game will now include all * and BanG commands also.
    favorite.lst36 bytesIf your server shows 1 person in your zone, save this file to your Server folder (not your ss folder) and make sure your billing port number does not equal your server port number.
    server.cfg15 kThis is here mostly to View a sample cfg. This server.cfg is the orignal cfg on the CD and on the
    server.ini1.4 kSample server.ini, read above.
    subbill.ini132 bytesSample subbill.ini, read above.
    template.sss33 kThis is the template with edits made for current setting changes on .cfg, and also fixes in the template. Also has the MGB special NOTES section for keeping settings organized.
    news.txt470 bytesSample news.txt, read above. Also has an ad if you would be kind enough to place onto your news.txt for me.
    howto-zone.txt10.6 kHow To: Make a Zone in text format. To view the html version, click here for the all-in-one-page.
    howto-zone-old.txt9.1 kHow To: Make a Zone (Old Version) in text format. To view the html version, click here for the all-in-one-page, or page-a-step.
    howto-second.txt3.3 kHow To: Make a Second Zone in text format. To Veiw the html version, click here for the all-in-one-page, or page-a-step.
    lan.txt4.8 kHow To: Make a LAN Server in text format. To Veiw the html version, click here for the steps.
    lag-settings.txt6.4 kAll the info you need for the lag settings in the Server.cfg file. Gives some good hints on what to put for them.