How To: Do Crap! Read below!

How To: Make a zone!

If you would like to make a How To section for me about any subject dealing with servers and zone, just email me a text version, or any html format. I can convert it to my style unless yours is better. Thanx.

How To: Make a Zone [HTML]This is the newest How To: Make a Zone draft. This file will help you setup a working zone in the shortest time possible, and will give you a few good helpful hints on how to keep your zone working for a long time.
How To: Make a Zone [TXT]Text format of the html version above.

How To: Make a Zone (Old Version) [Full HTML]This is a simple Ten step program that helps you, the reader, start up your zone. It deals only with starting it up, and doesn't tell you how to edit your zone's cfg.
How To: Make a Zone (Old Version) [TXT]Text format. Read above.
How To: Make a Zone (Old Version) [Step HTML]Divided into ten different pages. Each page is a different step. Same as above.

How To: Make a Second Zone [Full HTML]Deals with how to run a second, or more, different zones off one billing server. 4 step program.
How To: Make a Second Zone [TXT]Text version of above.
How To: Make a Second Zone [Step HTML]Individal pages for all four steps. Same as the html, but divided into different pages.

How To: Change SSCentrals [HTML]Tells you how to change to the best directory servers.

How To: Make a LAN Server [HTML]Tells how to change make a LAN server. First user made one, by Yann Cluchey.
How To: Make a LAN Server [TXT]Text Format, for printing out and stuff.

How To: Stop Twisters [HTML]Some Tips on how to stop cheaters from cheating before they enter, and once they enter you zone.

How To: Change over to SubGame2.exe [HTML]Steps on how to change over to the new subgame2. A good read.
NEW: 1.34.4 is now added for new .ini settings. Use the same method for changed over to new subgame as you did before.

How To: Create Tiles [HTML]This is written by Corey Hollett (aka several ninjas). Tells you all the info you need about creating and editing tilesets for SubSpace maps. Nice work.

How To: Create Sub-Arenas [HTML]Created by live03 (Sysop of SSTB PuzzleLand). This How To tells you how to setup your zone to have each subarena allowed to have its own settings and maps.